Mentor Program

Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individual who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee. If you have 45 minutes to an hour extra per week you can be a mentor. 

A Mentor Is… To a student, a mentor may be a friend, an advocate, counselor, a developer of talent, a teacher, an opener of doors and much more. One dictionary’s definition of a mentor is, “a person looked upon for wise advice and guidance.” While the mentoring program sets guidelines for the mentor’s role in the young person’s life, how the mentor fulfills that role will depend on the student’s individual needs. Mentors sometimes directly help students raise their grades by coaching them in their school work. Often mentors indirectly help youngsters improve their academic performance by raising the young person’s self-esteem and helping him or her to develop positive values.Beyond helping with academic goals, the mentor can influence many other aspects of the young person’s development. 

How the Program Works…Through the Catoosa Mentoring Partnership parent/family volunteers as well as those from area businesses, churches, and civic organizations commit a school year (20-45 minutes per week) to working closely with a young person. These volunteers are then trained to fill the rewarding role of mentor. As a precaution, a criminal history is requested from each volunteer. An application is also completed by each mentor, providing the school with contact information, as well as some personal information to assist with the matching process. Activities may be provided for mentors to use each week with his/her mentee, targeting problematic areas, such as academics, behavior, attendance, or social interaction.

For more information please contact: Buffy Hemphill

Coordinator Phone: 706-937-0305


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